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Radiation Safety Management Instruction to Authors

Revised April 26, 2021

Radiation Safety Management covers all aspects of fields concerning radiation safety management for both ionizing and non-ionizing radiations. Scientific or Technical Papers should be full papers of a theoretical or practical nature with comprehensive descriptions of the work covered. Scientific or Technical Notes should be brief and are worth the rapid communication. They must be no longer than 4 printed pages, including tables, figures and cited literature, except when Editorial Board accepts the nature of the work justifies a greater length. Letters to the editor would also be acceptable which cover scientific comments or counterargument to the published contents. Review articles and Topics would sometimes be inserted.

Language: All contributions should be in English. Authors whose mother tongue is not English are requested to ask someone with a good command of English to review their contribution before submission.

Titles should be brief and as informative as possible. A short title of not more than 50 characters for a running head should be supplied.

Authors' names and addresses should appear immediately below the title. It is a condition of acceptance that all authors shall have read and agreed to manuscripts before submission and after any significant revisions.

Abstracts containing up to 150 words should be provided on a separate page, headed by the title and authors' names.

Manuscripts must be prepared using a word-processing software, without embedding figures and tables into the text. The manuscripts should be converted into pdf-type electronic file and be sent by e-mail.

Figures and Tables should not be inserted in the pages of manuscript but should be supplied on separate pages. Figure captions should be typed on separate pages. Tables should be typed with appropriate numbered caption above each table. Color figures can only be reproduced at cost.

SI units should be used throughout in principle, but other established units may be included in brackets. Isotope mass numbers should appear at the upper left of the element symbol, e.g., 60Co.

Abbreviations which are not in common usage should be defined when they first appear in the text.

References should be indicated in the text by superior numbers in parenthesis 1) and the full reference should be given in a list at the end of the paper 2, 3) in the following form, in the order in which they appear in the text.
1)Kanri, T., Anzen, J., Houkan, S.: A New Method for Treatment of Radiation Waste, Radiat. Safety Manag. 1(2), 1-10 (2001).
2)Kyokai, T.: Radiation Safety Dosimetry, Lykeion Press, Chap. 3 (1990).
3)Mikawa, K., Naniwa, T., Wakasa, C.: Proc. 1st International Symposium on Radiation Safety Management, Nagoya, pp.88-94 (2003).
4)Japanese Society of Radiation Safety Management HP. http://www.jrsm.jp/ (Accessed Apr. 17, 2015).
All the authors' names and initials, the title of the paper, the abbreviated title of the journal, volume (Gothick), number, page and year should be given. Abbreviated journal titles should be in accordance with the current World List of Scientific Periodicals.

Key Words: For subject indexing purposes, five key words should be provided at the end of Abstract page.

Footnotes: Submit all footnotes together on a separate page at the end of the article. The author should give a clear indication in the text by inserting (see footnote) so that they may appear on the correct page.

Submission of Manuscripts
All manuscripts, Submission Form and any correspondences should be mailed to:
  Editorial Board of "Radiation Safety Management",
  Japan Society of Radiation Safety Management, office@jrsm.jp

It is necessary that the first author, should at least be a member of this Society. This rule is, however, dispensable for those approved by the Editorial Committee and for foreign contributors.

Peer review process: After a manuscript is received, it is assigned to an Editorial member. Manuscript files are sent to at least two expert reviewers. Reviewers are asked to complete the review of the manuscript within two weeks and return a review form. Base on the reviewer’s comments, the Associate editor recommends a course of action and communicate the reviews to the Editor-in-chief for a final decision.

Copyright of the article, if accepted for publication, shall be assigned to Japan Society of Radiation Safety Management.

Proofs will be sent to any nominated author for final proof reading and must be returned within 3 days of receipt. An order form for additional reprints will accompany proofs.

Publication Charges and Reprints: After acceptance of the manuscript, authors are required the charges for reviewing and publication fee (10,000 yen). This rule is, however, dispensable for those who approved by the Editorial Committee and for foreign contributors.
 The charges do not apply to invited review articles. Reprints would be supplied at author's cost defined in the bylaw.